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Pineapple Slicer

Posted by Mike on 6/14/2009 to Gadgets

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my wife went out of town with her sister and a girlfriend to visit Yosemite.   I was left at home to paint, watch the NBA playoffs and do some work at home.  But it also gave me an opportunity to do some gadget shopping.

I am usually at the swap meet on Sunday morning, but since I was running solo, I stayed home  that weeknd.  During a break from painting, I turned on the tv, flipped through some channels and stopped on QVC.   I’d never purchased anything from them before, but before the day was over, I’d made a couple of gadget purchases.

The first thing I bought was a pineapple slicer.  QVC “introduced” a stainless steel kitchen tool that allows you to easily bore down into a pineapple, and after several twists, you pull the tool out along with a stack of pineapple slices out of the middle.   The hard core and the outer shell of the pineapple are left behind.  Very clever design, I thought.   And for $14, it looked to be a nice little gift for my wife.

Besides cherries, my wife’s favorite fruit is probably pineapple.  We’ve purchased several pineapples in the last couple of weeks, and the slicer has worked perfectly each time.  It makes slicing a pineapple quick and clean.    Dollar for dollar, even though it has but a single purpose, it is probably one of the best kitchen tools I’ve ever owned.

Mike Lee