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Safety Information


Our products include safety glasses and goggles, safety helmets and accessories, ear protection, protective gloves and footwear, winter gloves & beanies, dust masks & respirators, rainwear, aprons & sleeves, coveralls, disposable items, related safety clothing products, and tool lanyards. Most of the products we carry are manufactured by leading factories in Asia and the USA. Recognizing the importance of quality for safety-related items, we continuously work with our suppliers to ensure that we deliver the best quality products at the lowest possible prices for our customers.

We also handle special requests and offer a variety of other products with quantity orders. Contact us to see if we can provide the items you're looking for.

We can arrange to have your labels or logo affixed for large orders for an additional charge.

We believe that safety products should perform the function they are intended to perform; they should offer safety protection for their users. Anyone can sell a pair of safety glasses or a pair of gloves, but not all of these products are created equal. Lower prices sometimes means lower quality products, which may provide inadequate protection. In the short-term, they may seem cheaper, but when you add up the costs of repeat purchases for worn-out items and the impact of worker injuries of lowered productivity, it often doesn't make sense to buy items that don't hold up to use. At Beedo International, we don't look to build our sales through constant repeat sales of products that don't last; we focus on delivering high quality products that reach more and more customers through positive word of mouth.


Head protection is available for a wide variety of applications. We stock 5 styles of ANSI approved hardhats in a assortment of colors along with hardhat accessories such as faceshields. We also carry baseball caps, beanies, scarves, and windblock fleece headbands and ski masks. For clean room applications, we have bouffant caps, hairnets, beard covers and hoods. Lastly, our nuisance dustmasks and NIOSH N95 approved particulate respirators provide great respiratory protection.


We carry over 100 types of gloves in various materials, grades and sizes. Leather gloves are available in cowhide, goatskin, deerskin, and pigskin in both grain and split leather. We carry leather driver gloves as well as leather palm and welding gloves (including Mig/Tig). We have brown jersey gloves, cotton canvas, cotton gardening gloves, hotmill gloves, chore gloves, cotton inspection gloves, string-knit, string-knit with PVC dots or blocks, and latex coated. As for synthetic gloves, we have nitrile coated, neoprene, PVC, PVC honeycomb, PU coated on nylon, rubber, household latex, Kevlar, and vinyl coated. We have disposable latex, vinyl and nitrile gloves, meatcutters gloves, mechanics gloves, nylon bath gloves, etc. For winter enthusiasts, we also stock premium ski and snowboard gloves and mittens. No matter your application, we have the right glove for you! Several styles of PVC and rubber safety boots are available, both with steel toes and plain toes.

For information on glove selection, check here.


Our safety eyewear is manufactured to the highest international standards. Stylish and comfortable, with zero distortion, shatter resistant, polycarbonate lenses that filter out 99.9% of UVA/UVB light, our safety glasses and goggles are perfect for industrial applications where eye protection is important, such as woodworking, painting, metal work, roadwork, etc. Great for skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and shooting, too! ANSI Z87-2 high impact certified. A wide variety of styles and lens colors are available, including IR lenses for welding, and bifocal reading lenses.

For information on safety eyewear standards and lens selection, check here.


Available in a variety of materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, nylon, denim, Tyvek, etc.), our full line of protective clothing provides a superior value. For clean room and factories/food processing applications, try our coveralls, labcoats, aprons, smocks, sleeves, pants, shoe covers, and boot covers. For outdoors protection, we carry safety vests, raincoats, rainsuits and ponchos. For warehouse workers, we have back support belts in several sizes.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary industry standards for various products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States.  Experts in the field come together on a periodic basis to update the standards, based on emerging needs and new technologies.  The federal agency OSHA refers to these various standards in setting guidelines for workplace safety for different job categories.

In the safety industry, there are standards for head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, high visibility, hand protection, etc.   There are two ANSI standards which pertain to high visibility clothing:

  •          ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 High Visibility Safety Apparel
  •          ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 High-Visibility Public Safety Vests

ANSI 107 is the standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear. ANSI 107 has different class levels for apparel for applicability to different work environments and the commensurate need for greater or less visibility. Conditions such as traffic speed, closeness to traffic, attentiveness of wearer to traffic, weather and general visibility dictate the degree of apparel visibility required. Visibility of a piece of apparel is affected by the amount of fluorescent background material in the garment, and the width and placement of the reflective stripes. The higher the class number, the greater the visibility of the garment. Class 1 is the basic vest, often worn in parking lots or inside of buildings (warehouse, etc.).  Class 2 is the most common vest used by workers of all types, and Class 3 is for garments with sleeves that include reflective stripes to increase visibility for workers in high traffic areas. Class E is the standard for high visibility pants.


ANSI 207 is the standard for High Visibility Public Safety Vests, and was created for public safety personnel who need shorter vests to be able to access tools, etc. on their belts, and to allow different colored panels to be employed to designate the type of public safety employee wearing the vest. For example, red is for fire personnel, green is for EMS, blue is for police, etc. Because there is much less fluorescent fabric on these vests than ANSI 107 vests, ANSI 207 vests more or less fall between the requirements of ANSI 107 Class 1 and Class 2.


There are only three colors of fluorescent material which are deemed to meet safety standards: lime/yellow green, orange and red.   Fluorescent red is rarely used in the industry and is not a color that we stock.   All of our items are made from polyester, as cotton will not retain fluorescence after washing, as required by ANSI standards


There are several types of high visibility clothing available:

·         Headwear

·         Shirts

·         Vests

·         Jackets (windbreaker style, insulated, without sleeves)

·         Pants

Within each of these categories of clothing, there are many different styles of items, made from different materials, and with different features.

Our hi viz safety headwear consists of hats, caps, beanies, and neck shades.

We have both Class 2 and Class 3 shirts.  All of our t-shirts are made from a quick dry wicking fabric.  Shirts may be short sleeved or long sleeved.  We also carry sweatshirts (crew neck and hoodies), and lime polo shirts.   They may have striping only on the torso or also on the sleeves.  (We also carry non-striped fluorescent shirts, but non striped shirts do not meet safety standards.)  The silver reflective striping may be plain or it may be contrasted with a different fluorescent color than the main body of fabric, making it two tone.  Striping on the back may be vertical or in an “x” configuration.   We also have a couple of styles of shirts with black bottom fronts to hide dirt.

We have both Class 1, 2 and 3 vests.   Vests may be sleeveless (Class 1 and 2) or with sleeves with striping (Class 3).  (We also carry non-striped orange fluorescent vests, but non striped vests do not meet safety standards.)   The reflective striping varies between silver, yellow and white, depending on the best.  The reflective striping may be plain or it may be contrasted with a different fluorescent color than the main body of fabric, making it two tone.  Striping on the back may be vertical or in an “x” configuration.   Some vests are made with a jersey mesh fabric (3 different weights – open mesh economy, lighter weight, standard weight), some are made from a solid woven fabric and some from a twill fabric.   Most vests have zipper front closures, but some styles have Velcro closure instead.   Some vests are manufactured in specific sizes (Small, Medium, Large, etc), and some are produced in multi-sizes and are expandable via Velcro side adjustments.   We also have a couple of “breakaway” style vests.   Depending on the vest style, it may have no pockets, or up to 5 pockets.   We also have a few styles of vests with black bottom fronts to hide dirt.

We have both Class 2 and Class 3 jackets.  Our Class 2 jackets are sleeveless, body warmers.   Our jackets have a water resistant outer polyester shell.  We have jackets with no lining, with a sewn in fleece lining, and with a removable lining.   Striping on the back may be vertical or in an “x” configuration.  We also have a couple of styles of jackets with black bottom fronts to hide dirt.   Our jackets include a detachable hood stored under the collar.

Our high visibility Class E pants come in three basic styles: jersey mesh material (lime only), a water resistant polyester fabric (rain pants, lime only), and insulated bib overalls (both orange and lime colors).   We also carry fluorescent lime rain pants with black bottoms to help hide dirt. .   .   

We carry a single basic style of ANSI 207 Public Safety vests in different colors (two tone orange, .two tone lime, and two tone lime with dark green or navy blue trim). These are breakaway vests with velcro side adjustment tabs. This item is sized M//XL and 2XL/5XL.

We have a wide selection of high visibility items with different features and construction to meet the needs of users throughout the seasons of the year and at different price points.  Chances are, we have an item with the features a given user needs.

We carry ONLY the ArmorCrest brand of high visibility clothing and have the largest selection and inventory of this type of apparel in the Santa Clarita valley by far.   Although we can try to match our model to an equivalent item from a different manufacturer, we will not attempt to source that different item for sale to our customers.  

Effective November 24, 2008, a new law required all workers on Federal highways to wear ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 high visibility clothing (Federal Highway Administration 23 CFR Part 634).

For general safety industry information, check out the National Safety Council website here.